repeat order by my son's school teacher,Cikgu Hasni..she ordered my cupcakes before this..timakasih Cikgu...lain kali order lagi ye...

i always use the best and quality ingredients for my cakes and tarts.i guess that is the reason why my price is a bit on the high end..cream cheese used here is 'Philadelphia'..sometimes i use 'Tatura'.and the butter will be either 'Anchor' or 'Tatura'.once a while i use 'Amul' butter.(quite an expensive butter- product of India).to those who are familiar with baking product,u can estimate la how much i spent utk satu adunan..but to me.when we use expensive and quality product,the end result is not to say 100% but most of the time satisfying..alhamdulillah..kalau nak rasa..just ring me...i'll try my best to send u all a sample..



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