ordered by dearest friend,Zuraida for her boss's birthday.she actually sent sms to me on Saturday morning saying that she wanted choc chip cupcakes..but i was so groggy that morning(coz i went to bed at 5am after preparing the fancy cookies) that i missed out the word 'chip' and instead,baked only choc cuppies for her.after sending them to her,later that evening she called and tell me that in the office,they ate the cuppies one after another looking for which one have got choc chip in it,just to find that all are plain choc cuppies...i read through her sms again and...ooppss...salah baca la beb...ok..ok..i'm so sorry friends (zuraida,hasni,halida,sab and june)..nanti i'll bake choc chip cuppies and send to u all..don't worry..this's my u all for being the best supporter to my business all this while..
happy birthday boss...



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