epeat order by my customer, June of Subang Jaya.this time 40pcs 'M' size vanilla cupcakes for mum's day celebration cum family re-union which will be attended by mums,dads and their children..therefor,i made few designs of the cuppies to suit each category.June was so overjoyed the moment she saw the cuppies..and the next day,she sms me saying that everybody were so happy to receive the cuppies especially children who adores the sesame street's cupcakes so much..June even sent me few photos of the dinner with the children holding the cuppies..thank you so much June,for placing this order and for Gerrad's birthday the other day..and today June already place another order which is carrot walnut cupcakes..thanks dear..

the tuxedo design inspired by Mieza from Pretty Sweet Tooth...mintak halalkan ye Mieza.the design is so nice yet so simple..

for the children

the overjoyed looking June with Gerrad..we meet face to face with each other for the 1st time..but we chit chat like we've known each other for many2 years

photos during the dinner,courtesy of June..
thanks June...i can see that the children really enjoyed the cuppies..


Anonymous said...

Thank you Zuhaida....The kids loved it so much...they were 'targeting' at the cuppies even before dinner. :)


yur welcome..glad to hear that.hope that the 'mums'and 'dads' were also as excited as the happy to hear that u all had a good time during the dinner..

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting the pics online :)


yur welcome...should have done it so much earlier..but after few failed attempts..i got so fed up with the internet connection and decided not to try again till yesterday..thanks so much for sharing the great moments resembles in the pics with me..


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