Decorated Choc Cheese Brownies

this choc cheese brownies,ordered by Halida for mother's day,father's day and also 2 person's birthday..emm..banyaknya..for last minute order,this one pecah record.Halida called me at 10.30am to order and wanted to collect the brownies at 12.30 that afternoon..adus..sakit kepala den..but alhamdulillah..i managed somehow..
thanks ye Halida for the order,tapi kalau boleh..jangan buat last minute lagi ye..


Lovely Mommy... said...

this is very simple tapi cantik betul la... simple flowers and decoration.

Halida said...

Kak Zu, memang sedap betui....Thanks and sorry ya!! sbb order last min.


- thanks Sue..
- thanks Halida..jangan last minute lagi tau lain kali..poning kopalo den ha..


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