repeat order by my friend, June.this time she ordered 25pcs 'M' size vanilla cupcakes for her church's friends.she told me that for the topping,it is up to my creativity to decorate the cake.and this is what i came up with...pink,purple,yellow and white flowers..and June's comment via e-mail -

"Before you ask me any questions about your cuppies I must say this once again…. it was a HIT . It took one brave man (not Gerrad..heheh!) to get the ball rolling because no one dares to pick it up to eat… their comment it was TOO PRETTY to eat. J"

and my comment to June..

"thank you so much for your endless support towards my cupcakes business..i never knew that it all started from Gerrad's birthday cupcakes's order,between baker and customer,we're now good friends.hope that this friendship will last forever even if 1 day i've stop baking,you've stop ordering.......we will still continue to keep in touch..."



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