Dearest 'B'..

ordered by Maria of Shah Alam.The cuppies are for her boyfriend who is working in Brunei and will be coming back that evening and it's time for the celebrations..thanks Maria coz sudi order dari Kak Zu..hope that you and yur bf like the cuppies..

16pcs 'M' size in souffle cups
flavour - chocolate
topping - buttercream and ganache
deco - buttercream,sugar sprinkles,choc ganache
price - RM45


Lovely Mommy... said...

cake ni really sweet, and sue rasa mcm terharu pulak org ni belikan belated birthday cake tuk couple dia eheheh... kek pun boleh bagi emosi ek ahaks..


couple dia keje kat tempat,he 's coming back that night and the girlfriend came to pick up the cuppies and head straight to KLIA after that to fetch sweet..hehe..


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