Fancy Cuppies For Dear Sis

ordered by Evi for her sister on her birthday..thank you so much Evi..hope that you and sis did enjoy the cuppies...

LV handbag

i love this was inspired by Ita from 'Gula & Mentega'.when i saw how neat and beautiful she did the kebaya...i straight away fall in love and wanted to try my own..and i guess it turns out,not as nice as her's but..ok la...kan?hehe..

16pcs 'M' size in souffle cups
flavour - vanilla
topping - buttercream
deco - buttercream,fondant,silver dragees


evi said...

dear you,

thank you so much! my sister loved it so much and the guests too! :) its beautiful!


oohh..i'm so happy to hear that...thank you so much Evi for ordering from Chomel Cupcakes..


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