Happy Birthday Mama

ordered by Linda for her mama's birthday..thank you Linda for the smooth order.senang berurusan ngan orang macam Linda...

25pcs 'M' size in paper liner
flavour - vanilla
topping - buttercream
deco - buttercream,fondant,silver dragees,sugar sprinkles


aida said...

Sweet sangat these cuppies, im sure their mama must be so touched when she saw the cuppies..


thanks Aida...Linda was so happy when she came to collect the cuppies..i do hope that her mum would love the design and the taste of the cuppies too..

Anonymous said...

thanks sooooo much kak zu... mama really like it.. she was crying when saw this cuppies.. touching maybe.. the taste was great!!! we all love it... when we all bring into the restaurant, all the people say it was beautiful.. meaning that ur design was supperb!!! sure after this i will order again and again and again... :)


Hi Linda,

Thank u so much to u too coz sudi order ngan kak zu and trusted me for the design when u mentioned in yur email 'as for the design,its up to kak zu nyer creativity'.i like flexible customers like u that gives me freedom to explore the ideas that i have in my head.Alhamdulillah mama Linda suka.so happy to hear that u all had a great time celebrating her birthday..thank u once again..


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