Manchester United Theme - Ana

ordered by Ana from KL.the cuppies are a surprise gift for her hubby who is a big fan of Manchester United team..thanks Ana..hope that u like the design as well as the taste of the choc cupcakes..

36pcs 'S' size in paper liner
flavour - chocolate
topping - buttercream
deco - buttercream,fondant,edible image,plastic figurine
price - RM75


Lovely Mommy... said...

sue tgk ramai order football theme ngan zu and every design football theme zu is berlainan fro each other. syabas beb u really creative!

Anonymous said...

HI ZU...
hehe.. the cakes is so lovely, ramai yg hubby ckp the best bday cake ever!!thanks 2 u!!! :)choc cake cuppies tu pun sedap bangett!! teringat2 kt ofis ni lagi..huhuhu..need to order summorela ngan u..xmenyesal tauuu...thanks zu!


Hi Ana,
terharunya dengar yur comment..alhamdulillah kalau semua orang suka..nanti kalau nak order lagi,sms or call ye..timasih ye Ana sudi order dari Chomel Cupcakes..

mimi said...

salam...hi pn zu..
i just wondering. puan ada x buat cake tp i nk theme MU. but cake not cup cakes.tq


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