Graduation Theme Cupcakes

Ordered by Renita from KL for her cousin who has just graduated as a Medical Doctor..Congratulations dear...and to Renita,thanks for placing order with Chomel Cupcakes...(she is such a nice person and not a fussy customer at all..."anything also can lah..use buttercream or fondant pun boleh for the graduation cap and stethoscope")hehe..and the best thing is..she was so happy with my work that she even paid me extra...hehe..tq tq so much Renita..


Anonymous said...

Kak Zu, the cuppies were awesome. The graduation party went really well. The organizing staff at the party location was guessing if it was "Wondermilk" or "Prettyfrostings". Heheehe. I said " you can't get these type of customized ones from those places "

Thanks heaps ... I wish you didn't take leave for Raya. I'm simply whipping up a lot more reasons for cupcakes now :)

Kind regards, ReNit


hi Renit,
I am so happy to hear relief i was wondering whether yur cousin will like the cuppies or not and for you who has tasted those premium cupcakes from 'Wondermilk'and 'PrettyFrosting',will you be comparing and dislike my cuppies..but today,with all the positive comments and even promoting my cuppies,i'm all contented and thankful to you for trusting me on this special day of your cousin's..hope that we'll keep in touch ya..and don't forget my muruku order..hehe..thanks dear..


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