MU Theme Cupcakes - Nadia

Ordered by Nadia,a Bio Tech student from Monash University,25pcs "S' size,choc cupcakes with MU theme for her boyfriend on his birthday...1st time meeting Nadia,deep in my heart ,i whisper silently,"Comel budak ni..".Can't stop myself from admiring her beautiful flawless complexion..hehe..memang cantik.but she isn't just beautiful..this is beauty with brain tau...I have another customer by the name of Nadia too and she is also a very sweet looking girl..i guess,orang yg nama Nadia ni,mesti cantik2 semua kot....hehe..Anyway Nadia,thanks for placing order with Kak Zu..happy to hear that u both enjoyed the cuppies...and to the other Nadia,see u this saturday ya..for yur cuppies collection...cheers to both Nadias..


nadia said...

oh this cake was lovely!thnx kak zu for making our day :)
he was so surprised but then so kedekut that he only give people to eat the rumput cupcakes.logo MU semua dia simpan buat next year pulak.hehe.
n ppl!!the choc cupcakes sgt moist n soo yummy!!
thnx again kak zu :D


Dear Nadia,

glad that yur bf likes the MU cupcakes..haha..biasa la org lelaki ni,benda dia sayang memang they will keep only for themselves..tak kasik org sentuh pun..hehe..
Thank u so much Nadia,for ordering frm me and also for the positive feedback here..cheers..


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