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ordered by Waheeda from USJ 2,Subang Jaya.Thanks Waheeda..


Waheeda said...

This one mmg cantik sgt.. I pun tak leh nak makan the cuppies..
Anyway, when I brought these to my boy's kindy, he was very very happy bila open the box. Even the teacher and friends pun terpegun :) and they all said the cuppies very very nice..
Again Thanks so much ya!!
Nanti I order lagi dgn u :)


Dear Waheeda,

ei..thank u..thank u..happynya dengar that the cuppies make everybody happy especially yur boy..timakasih coz sudi order from me..trying to find a less busy date to squeeze yur brownies order into my hectic baking schedule..hehe..insyaallah boleh..


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