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Repeat ordered by Iqa,but this time,the cuppies are for her baby sister,Yaya.Iqa ordered this 25pcs 'S' size choc cuppies and also 12 pcs of carrot walnut cupcakes.Thank you so much Iqa,hope that Yaya loves the cuppies and you all had a great birthday celebration..


Anonymous said...

Salam kak zu,

thanks so much 4 d cuppies.sgt2 sdap.lg2 carrot cake 2, iqa mkn x ingt dunia da.huhuh..

n yaya happy sgt dpt cuppies barbie 2..first reaction dia bila tgk 2, 'WOW!! TIK!! (cantik)' lpas 2 da x nk bg org lain pgg cuppies 2.semua 2 dia pnya.huhhu..

kalau free tgk la gmbr2 yaya ngan cuppies 2 kat facebook upload.huhu..thanks again kak zu.



wasalam Iqa,

thanks u so much for the lovely comments..happynyer kak zu dengar that Iqa,Yaya and yg lain2 suka..thanks to Iqa too coz sudi order ngan Kak Zu and for trusting me on this special occasion of yours..Epi Belated Birthday to Iqa and Epi Birthday to Yaya...hope we'll keep in touch ya...(dah tgk pics kat FB..nanti nak curi 1 or 2 nak letak kat sini..boleh kan??)

Anonymous said...

salam kak zu,

thanks again 4 d wishes (",)

kak zu nk pics birthday yaya 2 yea?
bole..ltak la..bnyk2 pun xpe..huhu
okay..nnt kak zu tagged kan aje la from my fb..
ke nk iqa e-mail kn 2 u?



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