Golf Theme Cuppies for Abah - Linda

Ordered by Linda and her siblings as a gift for her dad on his birthday..since daddy is a golfer,Linda wanted 16pcs of 'L' size choc cuppies with golf theme as the deco..and I came up with this.really hope that Linda and family are happy and enjoy the design and also the taste of the cuppies.


LiNdA said...

salam kak zu..
thanks ya for da lovely cuppies.. really best & sedap bangat.. my dad really like it.. dier tenung je cuppies tu sbb santek sgt & x sangka kot leh design mcm tu..

ermm, akak dpt x email linda regarding my sister nyer cuppies for her engagement? change date to 1 november ye kak..

thanks so much.. pape roger..

p/s : pasni nk order lg la..


Thank u so much Linda..happy to hear that yur dad suka the cupcakes..


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