MU Theme Cuppies - Yoshean

Ordered by Mr Thiru and his wife Mdm Rajita,to celebrate their son's 1st birthday on a special date of 09-09-09.Mr Thiru is a die hard fan of MU and he is so excited to have the MU theme cuppies on Yoshean's birthday.So he ordered 36pcs of 'M' size choc cupcakes with edible image of MU logo and Yoshean,many happy returns..and to Mr Thiru,thank you for trusting me on this special day of yours.hope you and yur family like the design as well as the taste of the cuppies..


Pija said...

cantek nyee. lapar la tengok cuppies kak zu ni. t pas raye nak order lagih. nyum nyum.


thanks Fariza..kalau nak order bagi tau ek..hope u did enjoy the last order the other day..


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