Sexy Cuppies

These sexy cuppies ordered by Eazy for her friend's bachelor party..she e-mailed me the sample design(i think they are from Pretty Frosting) and wanted me to follow exactly..i tried my best but pls dont compare my work with someone very talented like 'Pretty Frosting' as i still have a long way to go and a lot to learn before i could become as good as they are..insyaallah satu hari nanti...Anyway,i received feedback from Eazy through sms that all her friends were delighted with the taste and the design of the cuppies..Same here...Thank you so much Eazy..


Vv said...

how much u charge if i take this kind of design for 16pcs and 25pcs in soufle cup?



charges would be the cake price + extra RM10 to RM15 for the drawings..


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