Liverpool Theme Cuppies - Awin

Ordered by Awin from Cheras as a surprise gift to her husband on his birthday.36pcs 'M' size choc cupcakes with Liverpool theme.special request from her was to have all 11 players name and their jersey printed on the cuppies..Thank you Awin.Hope that u all had a great time celebrating his birthday..


Anonymous said...

Tq very much zuhaida.. i really had a good time celebrating my husband's birthday and he was very2 happy to have the cake with his fav football team... it was really a surprise for him as he didn't expect to have that kind of cake.. not only him but all friends gathered for his birthday also liked the cake very much.. tp semua org macam syg plak nk mkn kek tu.. hehehe.. rgds - awin-


Dear Awin,

Thanks so much for the lovely comment.I am glad to hear that everyone love the cuppies especially the 'birthday boy'..thanks to u for ordering and trusting me to create this set of cuppies..sorry that we didnt meet this time..perhaps in the next order..hehe..thanks again Awin..


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