Liverpool Theme Cuppies for Wedding

Ordered by Farah from Kota Damansara.The football theme cuppies are actually as a hantaran for her wedding..this was because of her husband to be is a big fan of Liverpool team..she wanted to surprise him and in fact she surprised her whole family as everybody were expecting to see beautiful bunga2 fondant hantaran cuppies..hehe..anyway,I think it is a cute idea..and the most important thing is she did make Anwar kan Farah??thanks ye..and congratulations on your wedding...


Anonymous said...

Dear Kak Zu..
Thank you sooo much for make it Real..hehe..Anwar was so surprised and thrilled betul nak makan..In fact everybody from his side macam sayanggg sgt nak mkn the cuppies..
Once again, thank you..loving it so much..
* Thumbs Up for you..:)


hi Farah,

thanks to u too coz sudi order from kak zu..and thanks again for the good words here..I'm happy for u,for Anwar and for yur family..congratulations dear..


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