Mix Cartoon Design - Ana

Repeat ordered by Ana for her daughter's belated birthday.According to Ana..birthday dah lepas tapi nak beli jugak cupcakes Zu..emm..ye lah..timasih la Ana for ordering again and recommended few friends to order from me..Btw,here they are,as requested by Ana,to have a mix design cuppies consists of Elmo,Power Puff Girls,Sponge Bob and others..


Lovely Mommy... said...

zu, cakes yg ni sgt cantik. sue minat especially yg power puff n gamba cupcakes tu ehehehe... cupcake atas cupcake ehehe... cantik... errr.. susah tak zu draw pakai coklat tu?


Thanks Sue..yurs pun semuanya cantik2..especially minnie and mickey tu..suka sangat..pakai coklat ni,ok la..depends on the consistency jugak..kalau pekat sangat pun..emm..tak cantik..kalau too thin pun tak cantik gak..haha..payah..ingat handle cheese susah,handle coklat pun susah gak..hehe..


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