Basic Cupcakes Decorating Class

Dear All,

I will be conducting basic cupcakes decorating class starting from 7 Dec onwards.Details are as below:-

-(for personal class RM250)
Class start at 10am
Class durations - 7 to 8 hrs(including lunch break 1hr)
Max class size - 4 students
venue - my house in Taman Putra Impiana,Puchong

You will learn:-
- how to mix vanilla cupcakes
- how to bake cupcakes
- how to use cupcakes decorating equipment,piping bag,coupler,spatula
- to decorate 12 plain cupcakes using buttercream,piping jelly,choc ganache,fondant and edible image.
-handouts for vanilla cupcakes recipe,choc cupcakes recipe,buttercream recipe,royal icing recipe,fondant recipe and ganache recipe will be given.

Pls bring along with your apron.

After you have confirm the date with me,pls bank in RM100 as a booking fee into my acc.The balance are to be paid after the class.

This class are meant only for beginners.Pls choose a date and call me at 012-2629484 or email me at

Thank you.


Ainil Hawa said...
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Lovely Mommy... said...

congrats zu!!!! bangga sue zu dah start teaching. sue masih perlu basic class from zu sbb sue mmg tak reti pakai papercups like urs. once sue free will let u know ok.. sori la as planned lepas raya but sue sibuk betul ngan kek. errr... pakej sue lain sikit ek sue nak ganache tu sekali hehe..

Anonymous said...

Hey, i cant see your cup cake photo gallery.

rain said...

salam...bile next class?sy nk join..


Anonymous,emm..maybe there's something wrong with yur internet connection..?aa..not that sure why

rain,I've just updated the new schedule for class in book early ya...thanks

rAfIza_fAdzLi said...

hi zu, im interested to join the class. Mayb next class. Bila lagi zu akan conduct kelas ni?..

Anonymous said...

salam...kak zue nak tanya next kelas utk bulan april bila ye?

Anonymous said...

salam kak zu nk tnya next class pas 31julai ni bile ek agknye?

Anonymous said...

salam...akak class tuk bulan 10 or 11 akak wat x....nak joint laaa


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