Madagascar Theme Cupcakes

Madagascar theme cuppies,ordered by Irene from Mount Kiara.Her son Cayden,loves to watch Madagascar movies.Therefor,she opt for this theme on his birthday.At first,i was reluctant to accept this order due to the large number of orders for that day,but Irene sounds like a very nice person on the phone and how could i say 'No' to her..till the very last minute when her husband came to pick up the cuppies,i still wish that i could do better in the decorations.I even forgotten to snap any pics before I close the box and tie up the ribbons..hehe..I was so relieved when later that night I received an sms from Irene saying that she likes what I did for Cayden and assured me that Cayden will love them too when he sees the cuppies the next morning..Ouww...thank you so much Irene....and to Cayden,many happy returns..



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