Basic Cupcake Deco Class with Fida

Alhamdulillah..everything went well for my 1st Basic Cupcake Decorating Class with my 1st student,Fida,all the way from Dubai..I was a bit sceptical of my capability to conduct cupcake deco class,but due to overwhelming support from friends and customers,I told myself 'why not give it a try' and tawakal pada Allah..and today i'm grateful that at least my little experience and little knowledge in this baking and cake decorating world could be shared with someone..and Fida,being the first one..I just hope that she is happy and learn something from what I've taught her and that I did make her excited and would want to venture further in this line..Thanks Fida..


FiDa@aMiDa said...

salam sifu kak zue..minta izin copy gmbr nak masuk blog fida hehehhe..


isshh..jgn sifu sifu la ngan kita..ok..ok..silakan..nanti kak zu visit yur blog lak..


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