Sweet Lilac and Simple Fondant Deco

Did this design in pink and white couple of times the other day.But this time,Faridah requested them to be in purple and pink.This design was not actually mine ,but instead was sent to me by my customer Isabella,to copy the design for her cuppies.It seems like many customers love this design and wanted me to do for them as well..I seek permission from the original creator of the design to copy them,as I dont know to who it belongs to,but yur design are just great...Back to Faridah's order,the cuppies will travel to Johor,to be served as makan2 goodies during her engagement ceremony..Thanks Faridah..


Faridah said...

^_^ thanks kak zuhaida. my nephews and nieces really like it. The cupcakes was a reward for them for helping me. Actually its for my wedding not engagement ;P


thanks to u too Faridah coz sudi order ngan akak..glad to hear that the kids love them..oppss..thought that it is for your engagement..hehe..(compliment,coz u look so young)..ok,nanti akak tukar ek..btw,Congratulations ya..


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