Branded handbags and Shoes Theme Cupcakes

Ordered by my regular customer,Laila on behalf of her brother.The handbags and shoes are actually for his girlfriend, Sally.Thank u so much Laila for the sorry for the slight delay..was not feeling well,movement pun jadik slow jer..But anyway,hope that Sally likes her birhday cuppies decorated with 'expensive' fondant handbags and shoes..


izi said...

comey la d handbags ni.. siap branded lagi.. hehehe.. kakzue, u pkai dslr kan? get micro lens., u bleh zoom d details on d mini handbags/ shoes :)


hi Izi..

thanks for the lovely comments..yup ,pakai thinking of getting the micro lens too..but at the moment,need to improve on my shot first..hehe


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