Basic Cupcakes Deco Class - 20 March

Basic Cupcakes Deco Class on 20th March,attended by Anita,Asmaa,Anis and Dr Izra..Class yg happening dan best...Cepat belajar dia orang semua ni..I showed them once,pas tu terus boleh buat..Syabas to all of you and thanks sudi join my class..Insyaallah kita jumpa lagi in the next place..Insyaallah..

Ita and Asmaa...tengah sibuk tabur the deco sugar sprinkles..

Dr Izra and Anis..A dentist and a Petronas employee,2 professional working ladies yg sangat humble..


Asmaa..tauke Auni Deluxe


Anita,from regular customer now became my student


Anis..comel orangnye..

Dr Izra's

Dr Izra..reluctant to pose for this shot..'segan' katanya..



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