Basic Cupcakes Deco Class - 21March

Basic Cupcakes Deco Class on 21st March,attended by Maslina,Yusliza and Aisyah..As what they told me,all of them are new to baking and cupcakes decorating..but I re-assure them that everyone start from zero..including myself..and as what my sifu,Kak Lea always said 'when there is a will..there is a way'..and the end of the session,everyone went back with a feeling of satisfaction and a smile on their face as they now are able to bake and decorate their own cupcakes..Thank u so much to Mas,Yus and Aisyah kerana sudi attend this deco class with me..

Mas..tgh pipe star for the piping jelly deco..suddenly Aisyah usik dia 'Eei..Israel'..hehe..terus we all semua tergelak..Gurau aje ye Mas,,jangan marah..

Yus,was looking for the right jelly color to decorate her cupcakes

Aisyah...'peace' Aisyah..jangan tak 'peace'..


Aisyah dengan cupcakes nye..(before the cuppies terbalik in her car on the way back home..)


Mas..tersenyum puas hati at the end of the session..


Wajah ceria Yus with her cuppies..



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