Personal Class with Ana and Okki - 03March

This personal class was specially held for Ana Schaetzle and Okki Widawati to compensate the class that was cancelled exactly 1 mth before when I urgently have to go back to Alor Setar due to my father's condition after a stroke.We have been communicating through emails,and meeting them for the 1st time have given me an opportunity to get to know them better.We blend easily in just couple of hours kerna kita kan dari rumpun bangsa yg sama.(pandai juga I berbahasa Indonesia with them)These 2 wonderful ladies have been doing voluntary work at a refugee camp in KL..and now are planning to bake cupcakes for the children at the camp..hehe..All the best to both of you..and thank you for joining my class and it was nice knowing you both..

Okki with her creations..

Ana,very soft spoken mummy(I overheard her conversation with her children over the phone..alahai lembutnya..)



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