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Ada cerita yg mengecewakan disebalik order ni..panjang ceritanya..tapi yg pasti,pagi2 lagi I dah nangis pasal this order..Ok,a brief story just to share with u all..I accepted this last minute order,eventhough I've told customer that I am fully booked but she doesnt mind a simple one using edible image and buttercream.We agreed on that,but customer was not happy when she saw the cuppies..not up to her expectations.No pic of her sister(pic was not sent to me),cupcakes lembik. I think just bcoz the attchment sent to me was the Princess theme cupcakes with fondant deco.But that's not what we have agreed on..Im full.will not have the time for any last minute fondant deco.
Apa yg sangat mengecewakan sampai I menangis..coz both of my son ngan my hubby sekali were not feeling well on that,at 3 o'clock that morning,I left my youngest son yg batuk,demam,selsema,cranky sangat2 and was still breasfeeding , tido sorang2 so that I can bake the cuppies..dah siap,at 9 am,I wake dearest hubby yg pun tak sihat jugak,to print the edible image for me..and I start decorating the cuppies right after that.
I thought that I am doing the customer a favour by accepting her last minute oder..manalah nak tau that it will turn out this way.and she agreed for a refund when I called her to clarify the matter..(tapi till today takder bg her ac number..maybe I should call her tomorrow)..
To the customer,I am so sorry that I posted the story here.I need feedback from other bakers,customers and friends as I think,any other bakers will be reluctant to accept last minute order,no deposit,no confirmation on pick up time,no clear instructions/request on how the design should be.I was lenient enough..but,what do I get in return?dissapointment..
So,moral of the story??malas lagi nak amik last minute order..


Lili said...
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Lili said...

Hi Zu, the cupcakes looks gorgeous even for last minute work. I think, its not fair for the customer to be upset as her requirements are not clear.

Btw, i got your name from my auntie, Farisha where you did Liverpool footie cupcakes for her son's birthday. I'd like to order for my youngest daughter's birthday in Ocrober nanti. Will definitely keep you posted !! :)

anggunhampers said...

Zue, yea I agreed wit Lili about d cuppies, they look gorgeous & fine. so far I think u've been given ur very best on every order tat u took, because everythng tat u do, u do it wit love, out of passion & sincerity.. and that's all that matters.

its only natural for ppl to express dissatisfaction rather than appreciating ur effort & kindness. it is IMPOSSIBLE to please everyone Zue, so hang in there & tk it positively. u hv so many ppl who support u (including me) & u know tat, dont u?

FiDa@aMiDa said...

Hi Kak Zue

Kesian kak zue..kita kesian kat customer ambil jugak lah order last minute betul tak? tak sampai hati nak to say NO but bila jadi gini..tak patut lah dia buat mcm tu pada kak zue..should be no REFUND to her at all. It's not your fault...her instruction is not clear.

cuppies kak zue cantik aper..

eLiza said...

Salam Kak Zue,

Rasanya kita mmg takleh nk elak la last minit order ni. Semua org yg buat bisnes pasti akan merasa benda2 pahit mcm ni kan? It's ok.

InsyaAllah, akan dtg order yg lebih baik & appreciation yg lebih puaskan hati kita nnt. Tapi kene hati2 la juga kan? Supaya kes mcm ni tak berulang lagi. Sy pon nk ingatkan diri sy jugak, walaupun sy masih baru dlm bisnes ni.


Thanks Lili,Aida,Fida and Eliza for yur comments..memang Allah sentiasa menguji hambanya..semoga akan ada lebih kebaikan dan keberkatan selepas ni..yg pasti,bak kata Eliza..kena lah hati-hati..

Norasikin said...

Yea..orang yang memesan sering anggap kita tahu apa yang ada dalam fikiran mereka. Manalah kita tau apa yang ada dalam fikiran dia kan.semoga tak berputus asa.


tu la kan..kita dah accept last minute order,bukan nak thankful..complain lagi ada la..hehe..insyaallah tuhan kuatkan semangat saya..


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