Pink & White Wedding Cuppies - Lily

Wedding cupcakes ordered by Lily..the theme is actually pink and white but I put a small red flowers there just to enhance the look of the whole set..and the best part,the inital 'S' & 'S' there( Sufian & Siti) was requested by her to follow Siti Nurhaliza's cosmetic's logo SimplySiti...emm..nampak ok tak?ok la tu kan?..Anyway,thanks to Lily for all the orders..

Testimony:- 'Thx kak zue.really love it!Nxt time boleh la order lagi'


Micah | Coffee Machine said...

They look cute and yummy! do you have a recipe for this?


Thanks..U can use any of choc cupcakes recipe and decorate them with fondant..


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