Basic Cupcakes Deco Class- 8May

Basic cupcakes deco class on 8thMay..attended by my neighbour at my new house in Puchong,Shila.From the same neighbourhood,Puchong Utama is Balkisnor,Sh Mardhiah from Shah Alam and also Anne from USJ.This is the 1st class held at my new house..Alhamdulillah,everything went well and fun..Thanks to all for participating in this class..semoga ilmu yg diajarkan dapat memberi manfaat sebanyak yg mungkin..Insyaallah..

Anne's excited..


Shila..lepas ni dah jadik next door competitor ..hehe..


Mardhiah yg lemah lembut orangnya..


Balkis..tauke muffin yg terkenal kt Puchong Utama..lepas ni leh ambik order cupcakes pulak..hehe..all the best dear..



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