Basic Cupcakes Deco Class- 29May

Basic Cupcakes Deco Class on 29May,attended byDr Ayuti and her mother Puan Siti Meriam,Puan Zaharah and June.Class yg best dan gamat jugak.We exchanged ideas and tips..especially frm those who are expert in baking cakes like Puan Mariam and Puan Zaharah..I learn a lot frm them too..Thank u to all of u for participating in this class..

June and her cuppies..cantik dan berseni tangan June ni especially bila buat fondant roses..

Puan Zaharah..memang dah pro in baking..nak enhance her cupcakes deco skill katanya..but the way she decorate the cuppies pun memang mcm dah pro jugak dah..

Puan Siti Meriam..another veteran in baking world..just to accompany her daughter,Dr Ayuti..

Dr Ayuti..'Doc,jangan buat post moterm to my cupcakes ye..hehe'

Happy faces of everyone attending the class on 29th May..happy ke???hehe



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