Basic Cupcakes Deco Class - 9th June

Class on 9th June,was suppose to have only 2 sisters as my student.But Zana who booked for a class on 16June called me saying that she wants to carry forward her class from 16th June to this 9 of June.Before I said ok to her,I called my original 2 students asking confirmation whether they will be coming to my class the next day as they have not made any payment yet..and over the fone,she said 'yes,confirm ,will bank in later that day',I called Zana and said 'yes,u may join the class tomorrow,we'll have 3 people'..and I've prepared everything for the class when later at 8pm I sms one of the sister as payment is not in yet,and she replied 'akak..rasanya tak sempat datang esok..kena kerja..lain kali boleh ye..'I was stunned for a while..never expect that all this thing will happen has happen before,couple of time..where students booked for a class and said will pay on the day of the class or at least 3 days before but drag until the day I conducted the class and didn't turn sad...sad thinking that I'm kind enough for not taking any deposit,that I compromise other people's financial problem..that I trust them enough..and that the seat could have een replaced bu others who is really keen to learn,but people like this still exist no matter where..I guess,I need to sit down and re-organize all 'payment terms & condition' for all classes and orders..yeah..I need to find time for that.. was such a long story here..don't know hurts me very much..maybe I ni a very sentitive person kot..emm..maybe lah..
OK back to the class story..end up,the class was held between me and Zana..and my 2 rascals(Aniq and Amir) and also my maid lah..of course..eventhough,only the 2 of was shared stories and ideas as Zana is also involved in baking.She bakes muffin for sale and cakes as well..Thanks Zana for attending the class..happy that u enjoyed the class and yur family love the cupcakes that u've made during the class..hope we'll meet again one of these days..Thanks Zana.. serious..

Happy face of Zana..

Testimony:-'Zu,thanks for everything dear.Sedap sangat cupcakes u.My hubby pun puji.Anak2 I semua makan sampai jilat2 papercup tu.Hehe..rasa close sangat dengan u walau baru kenal.Buat cupcakes sambil tukar2 story..Thanks sifu'

Me:-thanks 2 u too Zana..


elta said...

aiya..tkena lg ke k.zu??

bak kata k.maliza ari tu, jgn 'baek' sgt :)

bab2 niaga gini, money come 1st. huhu, nnt org



tu la Elta..hati lembut ku ni selalu diambil kesempatan oleh sesetengah orang..waaaa!!!

charmzcup said...

salam zue...
hmm...u better take deposit la @ least 3 days b4! sy pon banyk kali gak terkena, derang oder cuppies, me being so kind & nice didnt ask for any deposit & end up the I hv to take the cuppies to my ofis...buat kenduri!!! pengajaran nye...mintak je deposit, takyah bg muka kat stranger..( waa...bunyi mcm harsh sgt)...k zue...success always to 2 u..

ida said...

ala..k.zue betul betul..kena gak amik deposit..geram gak org yg tak penuhi janji ni..kalau taknak bgla peluang pd org yang nak belajo mcm sya ni..sian akak...
k,zu:sori la..saya start frm zero...)-


Fety..sory lambat reply..ala-ala tak perasan ada comment..hehe..tu la,i pun rasa kena be strict skit la pasal payment ni...kalau tak,kita yg rugi..orang yg betul2 interested nak belajar,tak dapat peluang..kelas penuh..emm..sian kat kita2 ni kan..success to u too dear..

Ida,memang sangat sedih bila orang tak penuhi janji..sedangkan kita sangat lenient dengan orang sampai tak amik deposit.tapi,orang take advantage..nak buat camner..hehe..dah nasib akak ari tu..


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