Cupcakes Deco Class - 4 July

Class on 4th July,attended by Syarezza,Jasmin and my ex-colleague during stewardess time,Suhaiza..I enjoyed this class soooo much..All of them are very sporting and happy go lucky kinda person..Time flies..and for all we know,it is already 5.30pm..and time for mummy Sya to go back and breast-feed her baby,for Jasmin to return home and attend to her daughter who was having high fever..and for Suhaiza to fetch her son from her sister who babysit him while mummy struggles with piping bag and fondant dough..hehe..
I would like to say thank u to all of u for joining this class,may all the baking and cupcakes decorating knowledge that I share will benefit you all in so many ways..

We bake and eat and decorate and eat..and eat..and eat..hehe..can u see the 'cucur badak' in the centre there..






My dear friend,Suhaiza



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