Basic Cupcakes Deco Class - 25th July

Class on 25th July,attended by Ziti Aida,Yuha,Puan Roslina and her daughter,Sara.Class ni pun best..everybody were so excited to learn baking and cupcakes decorating and could see that they are very happy each time we completed a design..Thanks to all for participating in this class..

Ziti in action..

Sara yg manja ngan mummy nye,Puan Roslina..


Sara,so young yet so talented in cupcake decorating..

Puan Roslina's

Puan Roslina,a very humble,down to earth lady who loves to bake..


Yuha,just graduated..still searching for the best hobby that can turn into business..


Ziti,her work turns out to be very neat and nice..



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