Brownies order for Aidilfitri 2010

This is actually a pending entry from the last hari raya order..should have upload it long time ago,but I have been busy with all sorts of activity ever since my bibik left us..I got up extra early today(at 2am..huhu)..and manage to update my FB,my blog,reply emails,clean the house..dont know how many more hours I can last(time check- 06:25am)..but by now,I'm already struggling hard to keep my eyes open though I've had 3 cups of expresso....hehe..will keep on going for at least another 2 of luck to u Zu...

Made the brownies from the finest Australian butter and cream cheese,Tatura brand..this time,for the large number of orders,I bought in carton and it has taken a big space in my fridge..

My new oven in action..not a famous brand though..but can fit in 3 brownies tray at 1 bake.
my little boy getting himself busy and messy with the cocoa powder..

Freshly baked brownies..

Ready for collection


MsNiena said...

salam..wah makin maju k.zu bisnes...apapun mmg sedap brownies tuh..tak tau bila lagi nk order..sebab dietician dah bg warning nk tgk my blood test on december...hahahaha...terngiang2 di telinga nie bebelan dia..."u kena kurangkan ambil makanan yang manis, berminyak dan berlemak.Nanti check up bulan 12 kalau boleh i nk tgk kandungan gula dalam darah u turun ya..kalau tidak Dr terpaksa tambah ubat u atau guna insulin selamanya...bla...bla..bla.." NGERI gak bab insulin tuh...nyusahkan..


Wasalam Niena..thanks order brownies..bisnes alhamdulillah..cuma tak leh amik banyak la..sebab takder maid sekarang ni..kena limit2 lah jugak..ok,Niena take care ya..ikut apa nasihat doktor tau..


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