Personal Class with Jaja

This personal cake class requested by my ex basic cupcakes deco student...just to brush up on her cake decorating skill...I was a bit reluctant to coach her on this cake making and decorating class as I myself is not really good and still have a lot to learn..but when Jaja insisted..emm I just dont know how to say 'no' to this very ambitious and hardworking young lady..we spent few hours, starting from mixing the ingredient for moist choc cake..baking ,making the buttercream and then decorate the 1.5 kg cake..I wish I could teach her more on how to smoothen up the buttercream at the side of the cake..but unfortunately Jaja has to rush back to fetch her sister in KL before bukak puasa time..Jaja said that she is happy with the result and she loves her cake so much..and that's enough to make me smile and sigh..thank u Jaja..



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