I Love U - Fara

Ordered by my regular customer,Fara..specially for someone very special to her,on their special day..wahh..banyaknya special..hehe..Fara requested the theme to be,anything nice and with lots of love..and I came up with these design and even the motif on the souffle cups are also love design..hehe..glad that Fara was happy when she saw the cuppies...Thanks Fara..

Size : M
Quantity : 25pcs
Cups : Souffle Cups


Anonymous said...

yup kak zu... im alwez hepi with ur cupcakes..
:) thanks - fara


hehe..thanks Fara..tiba2 ramai lak yg mintak design mcm Fara punya ni tau.check out my blog from time to time..nanti kak zu uploadkan gambar..


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