Power Rangers Cupcakes - Joanne

The 3rd set ordered by Joanne..36pcs cupcakes with Power Rangers theme..Thank u very much Joanne for all the orders..Really sorry that u gotta wait for me to complete decorating the cuppies..and the last set was a bit simple compare to the other 2..thanks too for understanding my stressful situation at that time when my maid just left..and last but not least,thanks for always supporting Chomel Cupcakes..

Size : S
Quantity : 36pcs
Cups : Paper Liner
Topping : Buttercream + Edible Image + Cadbury Choc

Joanne with her younger son..(though i make her wait while i decorate the last set of cupcakes,she is one very cheerful and understanding lady)really admire her kindness..


Fakharuddin40 said...

Happy 5th birthday to Kin zheng for me. Kin zheng, enjoy your sweet and delicious 5th birthday, and enjoy eating delicious cupcakes.

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