Creme and Red Engagement Cupcakes - Farah Hanum

Ordered by my regular customer,Farah Hanum..the last set of cupcakes that I deco before I proceed to see a neurologist to check on my health(alhamdulillah..the results are negative from any chronic illness)..even for this set,I asked for a favour frm my friend,Linda(LaMuffine Muffine),to bake the cupcakes and prepare the fondant cover for me..Alhamdulillah ada yg sudi menolong di waktu2 susah mcm ni..thank u so much friend..jasamu dikenang..All I did,was just to deco with flowers and alphabets..syukur that Farah is happy

Size : M
Quantity : 16pcs
Cups : Souffle Cups
Topping : Fondant
Theme : Creme and Red Theme Color



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