Silver and Pink Engagement Cupcakes- Fara

I was badly sick when I did this set of cupcakes for Fara as a gift to her cousin..I had a blurred vision,headache and both of my hands were numbed..not knowing what the reason that caused all the symptoms..I feel so down and cried and cried..and was not in my cuppies decorating mood at all..obligated to the order,I forced myself up..just to complete this for Fara as she is my regular customer and a very nice simple..yet..Fara and her cousin were so happy to have received this..Thank u so much Fara....and her cousin..

Size : M
Quantity : 16pcs
Cups : Souffle Cups
Topping : Fondant
Theme : Silver and Pink theme color

Testimony:-"BEAUTIFUL & NICE!!Sweet sangat,suke..suke..thanks kak zu..its awesume..thanks so much"



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