Chomel Cupcakes + CHoc Cheese Brownies - Ketty

Ordered by new customer,Ketty,cupcakes for her sister and brownies for makan2 with family..Thanks Ketty..

Size :S
Quantity : 25pcs
Cups : Souffle Cups
Topping : Buttercream

Choc Cheese Brownies
Size : 8"x12"

Testimony: "Thanks Kak zu..suka along saya dapat cupcakes yg cute2..n cheese brownies kak zu yg memang sedap banget..hehe..kebetulan,saya and husband kitaorang habiskan ber dua jer..thanks kak time boleh order lagi"

Me : 'thank u so much for the wonderful comment..terharu kak zu baca..hehe..semoga kekal as Chomel Cupcakes's customer..thanks for yur support dear'



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