Red Fondant Cake now belongs to Ariana..

Red fondant cake telah bertukar wajah after I advertised in FB and alhamdulillah a good friend of our family,all the way from JB,Dr Ramesh Zaidi Rozan sudi membeli this cake specially for his cute daughter,Ariana..So I removed the previous fondant wordings and get the edible image of Ariana printed for the cake and also cupcakes that I baked freshly that afternoon for Dr Zaidi and family as a token of friendship and a thank u note for his support....syukur sangat2..

According to Dr Zaidi,Ariana was so happy to see the cake especially when she saw her photo on it..and the whole family enjoyed the cake so much..he and his wife Wan Jamilah even complimented the fondant artwork and design that I did for the cake..Syukur2 that in bad times like this,when the customer didn't appreciate what I did for her..there's someone else who called my cake a 'masterpiece'..and my FB friend said that the cake looks even better with Ariana's photo on it..


DrZD said...

How's evwrything over there Zu? Miss you guys. Send regards to Ad.


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