We Love U Papa - Shigim

Repeat order by Shigim for her dear father as he likes my brownies so much frm Shigim's previous order..Thank u Shigim

Testimony:-"Zu,Thanks for baking a really yummy cake. FYI, I have finished 3 slices on the very same night (dahsyat ok;makan tak ingat)"


Anonymous said...

Salam Zu..Just to inform you that my dad passed away last August 2011 a week before Raya. I teringat the cake and that was the time I teringat coincidence Allah nak gerakkan our heart to order such a beautiful and delicious from you as our appreciation to his sacrifice raising us....take care dear


Wasalam..Ya Allah..sedihnya I...sedih sangat...I remembered when I met him for the 1st time kat Subang..and the 2nd time when he came to Puchong with yur sis to collect this brownies which was suppose to be a surprise bday cake for him..that very friendly old man yg mungkin sebaya my dad..he mentioned to me that he likes my brownies very much..alhamdulillah..Ya Allah....perancangan Allah adalah yg terbaik..ada hikmah di sebalik semuanya..semoga arwah tenang di sana..dan semoga u and family tabah menempuh segala dugaanNya..Al-Fatihah...


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