Princess Cupcakes - Siti Khamisah

Ordered by Siti Khamisah for her dear daughter,Siti Safiyya Zulaikha on her 4th birthday..Thanks Siti

Size : S
Quantity : 49cs
Cups : Souffle Cups
Topping : Buttercream + Edible Image
Theme : Princess

Testimony:-"Thanks ye watkan kek yg cantik sangat..Princess tu bukan main suka lagi sampai nak letak lilin pun dia tak bagi.Last2 tak tiup lilin pon..n the choc cake was up to expectation.memang moist sangat.suka!N the cupcakes laku sampai i tak sempat nak rasa..thanks again ye"

Me:-Thanks to Siti too for the order..and I'm so happy that she and her princess really like the doll cake and the cupcakes too..and thank u for the positive feedback..



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