Tailor Theme Cake - Nurie

Ordered by my regular customer,Nurie,for her beloved Papa who owns a tailor shop..and its a special request from her to create a 'tailor' theme cake and suitable for a 60th birthday celebration..I came up with this design after Googling..and also the design on the side of the cake was inspired from the book by Maisie Parrish..I just fall in love by all Maisie's creations in the book..
To Nurie,Thank u very much for the order..happy to know that he loves it...

Weight : 2.2kg
Size : 9"
Topping and Deco : Fondant
Theme : Tailor

Testimony: "Papa happy sangat..semua kata cantik kak.Papa sampai tak nak potong.Lain kali Nurie order lg ye..Sayang akak.."


party bags said...

This is nice. The design is far way different from cartoon and anime characters.


Thank u..

double glazing said...

First I want to say that the design of your blog is so cute. Your cupcakes looks very cute as well and these cupcakes are one of the best I have seen so far.


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