The Wiggles Cake - Wawa

Repeat order by Wawa..for her dear Aaron..Thanks Wawa..

Moist Choc Cake
Weight : 2.2kg
Size : 8"x12"
Deco : Buttercream + Edible Image+ Piping jelly
Theme : The Wiggles

Cute Little Aaron

The cake travelled all the way to Pahang and celebrated 2 days after collection date..alhamdulillah..can see from the pic that there is a small accident there..but other than that..there was no other problem..the cake did survive the journey...syukur..alhamdulillah

Testimony: Salam Kak Zu,

Your cake is cute, adorable, and delicious = owesome!
See my king love it.

Thank you for baking with full of love :)




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