Cupcakes with Choc Ganache and Strawberry - Dila

Repeat customer,Dila,ordered this for makan2 with family in Kelantan..its her special request to have the choc ganache and the buttercream with the strawberry sitting on top of it for that sinfully delicious taste...hehehe..thanks Dila..

Flavour : Moist Choc Cake
Size : M
Quantity : 16pcs(separate 8 pcs in each box)
Topping : Choc Ganache
Deco : Buttercream and Strawberry

Testimony : "Akak,kek akak ari tu sedap..dlm masa sehari cupcakes tu dah abes..kitaorg 1 family jer makan.smlm ada wat barbeque,so letak brownies tu,pun same..licin..sempat gak dla rasa sepotong..thanx..tak sia2 bawak balik kek tu dari KL"



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