Ramadhan Brownies Order - Murni,Fara and Sara

Repeat order by Munie,for makan2 with family..thanks Munie..
2pcs Half Recipe Choc Cheese Brownies

Ordered by my regular customer,Fara..to be enjoyed with family..Thanks Fara
Half Recipe Choc Cheese Brownies with Full Choc Ganache

New customer,Sara,who is also my friend in FB ordered the brownies for makan2 during majlis berbuka puasa with colleagues..Thanks Sara..
Testimony :-"salam...choc cheese brownies kak zu t'amatlh sdp sume org suka... :)) klu leh
order lg utk raya kak zu bgtau sara eh..hehehe"


Freight Audit said...

Wow, looks very nice. The flavor was sweet. Keep it up. Nice blog.


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