Angry Bird Cupcakes - Wendy Bahari

Ordered by Wendy who is a teacher for her students at school..hehe..lucky students....Thank u Cikgu Wendy...

Size : M
Quantity : 50pcs
Topping : Buttercream
Deco : Buttercream + Edible Image
Theme : Angry Bird

Testimony:- "Alhamdullilah cupcakes akak laku. Even yg without topping. My kids teruja smp ada yg nk tak nk mkn nk bawa balik rumah (tunjuk mak ayah kot) :D Walaupun sy tak mkn sbb on diet, tp my friends yg dpt rasa, semua kata cupcakes akak sedap. Thanks again kak for making beautiful and tasty cupcakes :)"



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