Red and Creme 2D & 3D Engagement Cupcakes - Shida

Another order from Shida on behalf of her brother.I had sleepless night for almost 2 weeks trying to find ideas to make this cupcakes..haha..Shida was so detail with the design and even the arrangement on where each item are suppose to be placed on each cupcakes..I tried my best and Alhamdulillah..she loves a relief...Thank u Shida...

Size : M
Quantity : 16pcs
Topping : Fondant
Deco : Fondant
Theme : Red and Creme Royal Wedding Theme

The Prince and Princess
My version of the horse carriage.

Love birds and Flower Bouquet..

Testimony : "abang speechless..tak tercakap apa2 sebab melebihi his expectation..timasih kak..berbaloi boleh dapat same as our imagination..but akak give time Shida order lagi"



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